The more you know about metalworking formulations, the clearer the choice becomes.
Gone are the days when you could choose a hydrocarbon fluid simply because of its solvency power and cost.
Today your business decisions are much more complex combining:
  • Product performance
  • Protection of employee and user health
  • Environmental responsibilities
Somentor™, Exxsol™ D and Isopar™ hydrocarbon fluids are a leading choice for cooling and lubrication fluids used in metalworking processes. Wide product portfolio enables tailor-made formulations to meet customers’ specific needs.

What application are you looking for?

Aluminum rolling

ExxonMobil’s Somentor™ hydrocarbon fluids provide good safety and performance required by the aluminum industry. It has been widely used for more than three decades. Somentor™ hydrocarbon fluids are specially designed for the aluminum-rolling industry, offering:
  • Improved annealing properties that reduce the potential of production rejects
  • FDA compliance for use in the production of food-packaging foils and sheets1
  • Low odor to ensure good working environment

1 FDA 21 chapter 178.3910 (a) and (b) regulations. This webpage is not the official source for regulatory claims. For regulatory compliance statements, please contact Customer Service

We have a portfolio of narrow range products to meet your needs, balancing flash point and drying time.

Metal forming

In metal forming processes such as stamping, punching, rolling or drawing, Somentor, Exxsol D and Isopar fluids offer:
  • High degrees of quality and consistency for reliable forming fluid formulation performance
  • Narrow boiling range for optimized formulations and drying times
  • Choice of boiling ranges and flash points allows for tailored fluid formulations (select from wide range of evaporation rates & viscosities)
    • Exxsol D: lower boiling point, faster evaporation rate
    • Somentor: medium to high viscosity with higher flash point
    • Isopar: narrower boiling range
  • Low aromatics

Rust prevention

Exxsol D and Isopar fluids give formulators of rust prevention oils optimum control over product performance and a high level of safety and comfort for their employees and customers. Exxsol D and Isopar fluids offer:
  • A balance of tailored drying times, viscosity, lubrication and safe operating conditions
  • Good spreading and wetting properties
  • Low aromatic content resulting in low odor, lower toxicity
The odor intensity result is expressed in parts per million (ppm) of n-butanol. A larger value of butanol concentration means a stronger odor.

Improved comfort

Lower dilution ratio stands for lower odor.
Traditional hydrocarbon fluids
ExxonMobil Product Solutions
Dilution ratio   (thousands)
Wide cut kerosene
White spirit
High flash kerosene
Exxsol™ D40
Exxsol™ D60
Exxsol™ D80
Isopar™ L
Detection threshold
Recognition threshold
The detection threshold (DT) is an estimate of the number of dilutions needed to make the actual odorous air sample “non-detectable”.
The recognition threshold (RT) is also a “dilution ratio” and represents the number of dilutions needed to make the odor sample “faintly recognizable".
Test done by St. Croix Sensory Inc., based on ASTM E679-04 and ASTM E544-10
Single sample test based on ExxonMobil method: EC-M-F01 Interpolated 0.05g starting weight.
Temperature: 23 ± 2℃
Relative humidity: 50 ± 5%

Evaporable oils

Evaporable oils typically provide a thin lubricant layer on a part during processing that swiftly evaporates afterward. For fast-drying evaporable formulations, Exxsol D fluids offer:
  • Simplified operations, no secondary cleaning step is necessary
  • Very low viscosity formulations for fast and uniform spreading
For odorless evaporable forming oils, Isopar fluids offer:
  • Enable the formulation of outstanding self- evaporable oils
  • Comply with selected food contact applications
  • Result in fast and uniform spreading of the formulated oil on metal parts

Electro discharge machining (EDM)

EDM is a sophisticated process to shape complex and highly defined components. Exxsol D and Isopar fluids help control equipment temperature during electro discharge while quickly
removing residual metallic pieces.
Advantages of Exxsol D and Isopar fluids:
  • Low electric conductivity for spark control
  • High flash points for great safety margins and applicability in higher-power sparking applications
  • High thermal and chemical stability for long fluid life, better fluid integrity, fluid reuse and performance

Product solutions

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