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Today, more than ever, the chemical industry has to respond to the needs of society as efficiently and as fast as possible. That’s especially valid in the healthcare industry. Quality and reliable supply of raw materials for packaging are crucial for getting access to medical treatments to people all over the world.


Exceptional cleanliness and efficient delivery. ExxonMobil supports the healthcare industry providing global availability of high quality solutions, meeting the increasingly demanding requirements related to cleanliness, drug compatibility, low extractables and leachables. Exxon halobutyl rubber and Exxpro™ specialty elastomer are the ideal solutions for a safe storage of sensitive drugs and other critical applications.

Performance and benefits

  • Low modulus rubber helping airtight sealing of the device
  • Puncture resistance to preserve the integrity of the medicine
  • Wide latitude in cure and co-cure with a variety of rubber, with the option to cure without ZnO leading to high flexibility and a cleaner curing process


Other industries and applications

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