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Medical packaging  

Using quality polypropylene (PP) resins that are specifically designed for healthcare and medical applications is important. Good manufacturing practices (GMP) is critical to prevent product contamination, ensure product consistency and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Applications and benefits

  • Materials are available for all sterilization techniques, including heat sterilization (autoclave), chemical sterilization (ethylene oxide) and radiation sterilization (gamma, e-beam).
  • Consistent high-quality portfolio, which can help companies maximize the cost-effectiveness of their healthcare applications. Homopolymer PP (hPP) can provide low residuals for use in caps, closures, containers and inhalers, while our random copolymer PP (RCP) have high transparency and are radiation resistant, making it ideal for use in syringes and diagnostic applications

Product solutions

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    ExxonMobil™ PP

    Benefit from excellent performance and value with our engineered homopolymers, impact copolymers and random copolymers.

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Featured resources

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    ExxonMobil™ PP for healthcare and medical applications

    ExxonMobil PP is a versatile material that can offer cost-effective performance flexibility for healthcare and medical applications. It is suitable for all sterilization techniques and selected grades comply with regulatory requirements for medical use.

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