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Crop protection  

With the global population expected to expand by an additional 2 billion people over the next 25 years, agricultural efficiencies are absolutely necessary to feed this increase in population. Meeting this challenge requires superior crop protection products that meet regulatory and environmental requirements. Our portfolio of high-solvency hydrocarbon fluids is designed to help agricultural pesticide producers formulate products that are up to the challenge.

Hydrocarbon fluids have been proven in crop protection formulations for decades. The most widespread use of the heavy aromatic fluids is in emulsifiable concentrate formulations, where the fluid dissolves the active ingredient and acts as a carrier for formulation components.

Other grades are also used in crop protection and spray oil applications. Worldwide manufacturing and distribution capabilities ensure that consistent, high-quality products are available where they are needed.

Applications and benefits

  • High solvency power, allowing high active-ingredient concentration and delivery
  • High flash points and low vapor pressure for safe and cost-effective transportation and storage
  • Special grades that are naphthalene-depleted (ND)
  • High density for improved emulsion stability
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Product solutions

  • Paint cans with Red Yellow green and Purple paint

    Dearomatized hydrocarbon solvents

    Exxsol™ fluids maintain good solvency characteristics for a wide variety of applications.

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    Heavy aromatic solvents

    Solvesso™ aromatic fluids, branded under ExxonMobil™ aromatic fluids in the U.S., are heavy aromatic grades with high solvency and controlled evaporation characteristics that make them versatile performers in many industrial and agricultural applications.

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  • Close up of Block Branched Alcohols

    Branched alcohols

    Exxal™ alcohols are branched, primary alcohols used to synthesize surfactants, polymer additives, lube and fuel additives, adhesives, and other industrial products.

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    Fact sheet: A proven, safer and compliant alternative to Xylene

    Upgrading your choice to Solvesso 100 for your Agrochemical formulations

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    ExxonMobil products for the agricultural value chain

    ExxonMobil has been developing and delivering products that help the agrochemical and food industry to meet the growing demand for food supply globally.

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