Safe management of chemicals through their life cycle

Responsible Care® is the chemical industry's global voluntary initiative under which companies, through national associations, work together to continually improve the health, safety and environmental performance, and communicate with stakeholders about chemical industry products and processes. 

In February 2015 we formally committed ourselves, by signing the Responsible Care® Global Charter, to the safe management of chemicals throughout their life cycle, while promoting their role in improving quality of life and contributing to sustainable development.

Important key terms in this commitment include "Corporate Leadership Culture", "Safeguarding the Environment", and "Contributing to Sustainability".

We apply, and adhere to, rigorous policies that reflect our commitment to the highest operational standards and performance

Our system for measuring and mitigating risk is called OIMS (Operations Integrity Management System) and guides every operating decision we make. OIMS is linked to the relevant Responsible Care management system, enabling action and results to be carefully stewarded. 


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