Our products' contributions

Our products play a key role in enabling the manufacture of affordable, sustainable and safe products that are helping to meet the growing demands of an increasing global population. They are moving the world forward by supporting economic growth, enhancing opportunity and improving the quality of life for people everywhere.

So that future generations are not compromised by actions taken today, we focus on developing solutions that can make a positive contribution to sustainable development. Through shared values, collaboration across the value chain and new partnerships, we are helping customers develop sustainable solutions that provide a competitive advantage across a range of industries including automotive, packaging, building and construction, and consumer goods.

Solutions include:

  • Lightweight plastics and high-performance tires that support the automotive industry’s drive to increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions
  • Thin, durable packaging films that keep food fresh, helping to reduce food waste
  • House-wrap technology that improves building energy efficiency, helping to minimize greenhouse gas emissions
  • Materials that are safe, even in sensitive consumer goods like hygiene products and medical applications

Product safety policy 

Understanding public concerns about the safety of chemicals, our product safety policy reflects a commitment to high operational standards. A rigorous and consistent approach is focused on testing and evaluating the risk of new and modified chemical products - their manufacture, use and disposal. Results, characterizing any risks and specifying proper management, are clearly communicated to customers, third parties and the public, where appropriate and required.

To improve product performance, we regularly review and adopt new technologies. And, to help ensure the safety of people and the environment, we consistently use new, scientific information in manufacturing and marketing our chemical products.

Our approach is to comply with all government laws, rules and regulations, and apply responsible standards where laws and regulations do not exist.

Being able to rely on consistent quality, safe products is the key for customers. Quality is a foundation of our business. Through our Global Product Quality Management System (GPQMS) customers can be assured that we strive to deliver consistent high-quality products every time. 

Product safety summaries

This product safety summary document is a high-level summary intended to provide the general public with an overview of product safety information on chemical substances. It is not intended to provide emergency response, medical or treatment information, or to provide a discussion of all safety and health information. This document is not intended to replace the material safety data sheet. Warnings and handling precautions provided below are not intended to replace or supersede manufacturers' instructions and warning for their consumer products that may contain this chemical substance.

ExxonMobil has the following criteria for prioritization of risk characterizations for chemicals:

  • High production volume
  • Hazard classification (i.e. PBT, CMR)
  • Commodity chemicals
  • Specialty polymers
  • Commodity polymers