ExxonMobil Shrink Wrap Application onto Dishwasher

Stretch hood packaging

ExxonMobil Product Solutions performance polymers protect and preserve products with extremely damage-resistant stretch hood packaging that can withstand the most demanding stresses, helping brand owners protect their goods through the value chain.

Applications and benefits

Typical stretch hood packaging applications include beverages, packaging food and bottled goods, household appliances, products packed in bags (sand, cement, resins, etc.), packaging materials, and paper and building products.

  • Toughness, high tear and tear propagation resistance with excellent puncture resistance for high package integrity, keeping palletized products and appliances protected during transportation and storage to reduce the amount of damaged and returned goods
  • Controlled elasticity and high holding force for load stability that keeps products secure during transportation from the factory floor to retail outlets and homes
  • High film transparency for easier barcode reading and brand visibility
  • Expanded film stretch ratio, which can make it more adaptable to different pallet shapes and sizes
  • High snapback and elastic recovery

Product solutions

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Deliver appliances to homes efficiently and in optimum condition using stretch hood packaging

Stretch hood solutions can result in cost savings, better packaging performance and significant value when compared to traditional cardboard and shrink hood alternatives.

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