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Collation shrink packaging  

Create sustainable collation shrink packaging solutions with ExxonMobil performance polyethylene – including Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ performance PE polymers and ExxonMobil™ LDPE. 

Solutions include collation shrink films made with:

  • Up to 50% recycled PE combined with virgin performance PE polymers that maintain packaging quality and integrity.  This mono-material, lightweight solution uses less material and can be recycled where programs and facilities to collect and recycle plastic films exist.
  • 100% performance PE polymers that deliver extreme performance for products requiring the ultimate in protection. 

Converters can meet the specific needs of different collation shrink packaging applications by optimizing the film formulation.

Why ExxonMobil PE? Why today?

What some might see as solutions that will only happen in the future, ExxonMobil PE is making possible today for our collation shrink film customers – through our innovative and reliable products, collaborative approach, technology leadership and support, and our unmatched global supply and resources.

Key benefits

  • flexing bicep


  • Optical properties

  • Stiffness

  • Downgauging up to 25%

  • Holding force

  • recyclable property


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  • Bottles covered with shrink packaging red cap

    New collation shrink films using recycled PE content

    A sustainable collation shrink film solution that features up to 30% recycled polyethylene without compromising performance is now available.

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  • Producing thinner, stronger film gauges than previously possible

    Enable™ 4002 performance polymer provides secondary packaging solutions with an outstanding combination of stiffness, strength and holding force, with excellent shrink performance.

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Product solutions

  • PP polymer purple header

    Performance PE polymers

    Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ performance polyethylene (PE) polymers are ideal for a range of applications. From solutions that require extreme performance to those that offer an optimum balance of high alpha olefin (HAO) benefits, our portfolio can meet your needs.

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  • Grocery Bags filled with food


    High-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins are well suited for a range of blow, injection, and rotational molding applications like IBCs and storage tanks; crates and pallets; pails and lids; automotive components; bottles and caps; toys and water sports equipment. Additionally, HDPE resins are utilized in extrusion film applications such as grocery, garbage and deep-freezer bags (10 to 25 microns).

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  • LDPE

    ExxonMobil™ low-density polyethylene (LDPE) resins range from 0.913 to 0.934 g/cm³, making them suitable for a large variety of applications.

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Featured resources

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  • ExxonMobil Chemical Library icon

    Sustainable collation shrink packaging using recycled PE contents

    Collation shrink packaging can now be made using recycled polyethylene and virgin performance polyethylene (PE) polymers without compromising performance, helping customers create sustainable solutions.

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  • ExxonMobil Chemical Library icon

    Thinner, stronger collation shrink films help brand owners deliver bundled products securely

    Enable™ 4002 performance polymer provides secondary packaging solutions with an outstanding combination of stiffness, strength and holding force, with excellent shrink performance

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