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Industrial lubricants  

Our synthetic fluids and lubricant base stocks outperform conventional mineral-based products and provide many benefits.

Applications and benefits

Compressor lubricants formulated with Synesstic™ AN (alkylated naphthalene) Blendstocks, in combination with PAO or mineral oil, boost oxidative and thermal stability. Synesstic AN also offers improved hydrolytic stability and is well-suited for applications requiring high-stability performance under extreme operating conditions.

In rotary applications, lubricants formulated with SpectraSyn™ Hi Vis and SpectraSyn™ Lo Vis PAO provide outstanding thermal and oxidative stability over a wide range of temperatures. They also deliver improved water tolerance and protection against corrosion. The hydrolytic stability of the SpectraSyn PAO-based lubricants is especially important in humid environments.

In rotary and reciprocating applications, lubricants formulated with our Esterex™ esters provide natural detergency without forming insoluble varnishes or heavy polymers that may shorten equipment life. They have good oxidative and thermal stability and also provide lubricity and wear protection.

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When gear applications involve very low or high temperatures, extremely high loads, extraordinary ambient conditions or special requirements such as low flammability, it’s time to consider synthetic base stocks. The advantages of synthetic lubricating oils compared to mineral-based oils may include:

  • Improved thermal and oxidation resistance
  • Improved viscosity-temperature performance
  • Improved low-temperature properties
  • Lower evaporation losses
  • Reduced flammability
  • Improved lubricity
  • Lower tendency to form residues

Typically, SpectraSyn PAO-based industrial gear lubricants are formulated with Esterex esters for additive solubility, improved seal compatibility and sludge control.

For additional potential performance benefits, such as improved overall wear protection and oxidative stability, rely on SpectraSyn PAO in conjunction with SpectraSyn Elite™ mPAO and Synesstic AN (Alkylated Naphthalene) Blendstocks.

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Hydraulic fluids need to provide wear protection, seal compatibility and corrosion resistance over a wide range of operating conditions.

Compared with mineral oil-based fluids, synthetic hydraulic fluids based on SpectraSyn Elite mPAO, SpectraSyn Hi Vis and SpectraSyn Lo Vis PAO and Synesstic AN (Alkylated Naphthalene) Blendstocks can be more durable under thermal and oxidative stress. They’re also cleaner in operation and can span wider areas of use.

When properly formulated with anti-wear additive packages, hydraulic fluid made with PAO and polyol ester combinations are recommended for systems using gear, piston or vane pumps operating at either high or low pressures.

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Paper machine lubricants benefit from synthetic base stocks that resist contamination by water, acidic solutions and process chemicals. Combinations of SpectraSyn Hi Vis, SpectraSyn Elite mPAO, and Synesstic AN (Alkylated Naphthalene) Blendstocks for hydrolytic stability and additive solubility can supply these benefits and others.

Our synthetic lubricant base stocks help provide resistance to oxidation and thermal decomposition. They also provide detergency to prevent deposit buildup on hot surfaces while offering good demulsibility and rust protection. The results extend equipment life and reduce costly unscheduled downtime. Synthetic base stocks are especially effective in the circulating systems of paper machines.

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ExxonMobil Chemical synthetic base stocks are chosen by grease formulators supplying a variety of industrial users, including automotive, marine and aerospace companies.

Our polyalphaolefin base stocks, SpectraSyn PAO, SpectraSyn Plus Advanced PAO and SpectraSyn Elite mPAO, used alone or in combination with Esterex esters or Synesstic AN (Alkylated Naphthalene) Blendstocks, lubricate over a broad temperature range. They also offer lubrication protection for components operating under severe condition and provide energy-efficiency features.

Synesstic AN, when used in combination with PAO, supplies the resulting grease with good low-temperature dispensability, high-temperature adhesive properties and rust-inhibiting properties. Additionally, use of Synesstic AN reduces the amount of thickener required, supports additive solubility through their increased polarity and provides hydrolytic stability.

Most Esterex esters are suitable for use in low- and high-temperature applications. In combination with PAO, they support additive solubility by providing increased polarity.

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Leading companies developing synthetic oils for steam, gas or hydraulic turbines trust SpectraSyn Hi Vis PAO, SpectraSyn Elite mPAO, SpectraSyn Lo Vis PAO and Synesstic AN (Alkylated Naphthalene) Blendstocks for the toughest challenges. These include gas and steam turbines powering large electric generators and hydraulic turbines producing electric power near reservoirs or river dams.

In gas turbines, synthetic lubricants using our base stocks can provide exceptional rust protection, low-temperature fluidity and high-temperature oxidative stability. They can be used as circulating oils for the lubrication of land-based gas turbines, particularly units under 3,000 horsepower used as standby power units, and in some types of total energy systems.

In steam turbines, lubricants using our SpectraSyn PAO and Synesstic AN may provide:

  • Exceptional chemical stability
  • Outstanding resistance to oxidation
  • Excellent demulsibility
  • Protection against rust and deposits

These lubricants can also survive hydrolytic attack under the wet conditions in a steam turbine. Our technical experts can help you select the right base stock to achieve critical hydrolytic stability.

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Product solutions

  • Industrial Mining Shovel with Graphics

    High-performance metallocene polyalphaolefin

    SpectraSyn Elite™ metallocene polyalphaolefin (mPAO) base stock is a high-performance, high-viscosity (Hi Vis) polyalphaolefin (PAO) available in three grades – 300, 150 and 65 cSt at 100°C.

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  • truck taking turn with rolling shutter

    High viscosity polyalphaolefins

    SpectraSyn™ Hi Vis PAO is used to increase base stock viscosity and upgrade lubricant quality with blend components especially suited for industrial oils requiring high stability under harsh operating conditions.

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  • Cars going through intersection with running shutter

    Low viscosity polyalphaolefins

    SpectraSyn™ Low Vis PAO is used for upgrading mineral oil base stocks and creating a variety of synthetic and synthetic-blend lubricants.

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  • traffic on highway

    Polyalphaolefin plus

    SpectraSyn Plus™ PAO is an advanced low-viscosity synthetic fluid that sets a benchmark for low volatility and low-temperature fluidity to produce more advanced lubricants.

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  • Industrial Rotary Screw with highlighting

    Alkylated naphthalene

    Synesstic™ AN is a synthetic base stock for step-out hydrolytic and thermo-oxidative stability. As a blend component with PAO or mineral oils, Synesstic AN can extend the performance of your lubricant.

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  • Airplane taking off at night


    Esterex™ esters add enhanced lubricating properties along with low volatility and good solubility characteristics to your engine and industrial lubricant applications.

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