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Appliance appeal  

Produce eye-catching appliances cost-effectively with Achieve™ Advanced PP. Challenge reality and rethink what is possible by designing appliance appearance parts with superior gloss and stiffness, compared to standard impact copolymers (ICP).

You can use Achieve Advanced PP in appliance parts such as:

  • Major appliances – appearance parts in washing machines and refrigerators
  • Small appliances – appearance parts in vacuums, electric fans and garment steamers

Replace over-engineered acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) with Achieve Advanced PP to eliminate  trade-offs between glossy appearance and cost.  

Achieve Advanced PP is also recyclable where appropriate facilities exist and can expand the end of life options for your parts.

Key benefits

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    20% higher gloss

    Compared to standard ICP, Achieve Advanced PP provides better product finish as a result of finely dispersed rubber

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    14% lower density

    Compared to reference ABS, Achieve Advanced PP produces lighter parts due to lower density

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    10% improved stiffness

    Compared to standard ICP, Achieve Advanced PP provides improved stiffness for thinner parts

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    20% lower cost¹

    Compared to reference ABS, Achieve Advanced PP provides high gloss at a lower cost per part

1. Economic cost calculation is based on the ICIS average ABS price in North East Asia in April 2019. Using a 0.8kg ABS part as an example, savings include the unit price difference between ABS and Achieve Advanced PP7123KNE1, as well as density benefits. Actual total savings are based on the weight of a customer’s replacement part and other associated costs.

Proof of performance

improved aesthetics chart

cost saving chart

Typical properties

Achieve Advanced PP for appliance parts

appliances property chart

Product solutions

  • Rethink what's possible using Achieve advanced PP

    Achieve™ Advanced PP

    Challenge reality and rethink what’s possible in automotive performance, packaging design, hygiene comfort and appliance appeal.

    Learn more

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