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Geomembranes, liners and geotextiles

The building and construction industry is trying to balance a number of trends, including: higher performance; increased durability; improved safety; better aesthetics; reduced maintenance; greater energy efficiency; reduced material use and waste; and lower costs. To meet this challenge, performance polymers from ExxonMobil Product Solutions deliver exceptional performance advantages in these highly demanding applications.

Applications and benefits

  • Extreme tear, puncture and barrier performance for reduced water vapor penetration to deliver potential energy efficiency and a lower risk of mold formation in structures
  • Balanced toughness/barrier performance via tailored liner formulations with higher-density linear PE
  • The possibility of thicker liners
  • Leverage the extreme toughness and bubble stability to optimize film formulations with linear polyethylene blends
  • Opportunities to increase output and improve film consistency even with large bubble sizes. This increases machine utilization and reduces waste from reprocessing, compared to market reference films

Recommended products

Enhancing the elongation and tenacity of polypropylene (PP) raffia tapes, Vistamaxx™ performance polymers deliver:

  • Less tape breakage with higher filler loading
  • Faster line speeds and improved output
  • Downgauging opportunities
  • Cost-reduction opportunities

Recommended products

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