Yellow and Blue wires

Wires and cables

Add durability to wire and cable insulation and jacketing with Jayflex™ plasticizers.

Deciding which plasticizer or plasticizer blend to use is one of the most critical factors in generating a wire and cable formulation that supports low-temperature performance and the retention of tensile properties after oven aging.

 Applications and benefits

Jayflex plasticizers contribute to the effectiveness of PVC as an insulating and sheathing material, providing durability and resistance to heat aging conditions. Common applications include:
  • Building wire
  • Power cables
  • Appliance wiring
  • Communications wiring
  • Personal electronics
  • Automotive wiring

Product solutions

Jayflex plasticizers offer excellent physical properties for use in both primary insulation and jacketing able layers. Plasticizers recommended for wire and cable applications can be selected from the following grade families:

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