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About Haitian International Holdings Limited

Founded in 1966, with over 50 years of growth through entrepreneurial brilliance, Haitian Group has developed into a holding company with multi-national operation and total assets exceeding RMB21.1 billion. T Haitian International is specialized in the manufacturing the precise, efficient, energy saving and eco-friendly injection molding machines, and currently is possessing the injection molding machine production base with highest production and sales volume in the world and advanced technology at home.

Haitian International strengthens the enterprise with technology with three brands „Zhafir“ and „Haitian“ which face the high, middle and low end market respectively. At present, the economic index of Haitian International ranks leading in the industry all around the world, and the products show the highest level of the Chinese injection molding machine.

Fast facts

The Group mainly covers five industries:
  • Namely plastics machinery (“Haitian International Holdings Limited” listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange)
  • CNC machines (“Ningbo Haitian Precision Holdings Limited” listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange)
  • Drive and control systems (“Haitian Drive”)
  • Die casting machines (“Haitian Die Casting”), smart solutions (“Haitian Smart”)
In 2006, Haitian International was successfully listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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