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Exceed™ S webinar series

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Enhancing flexible primary packaging with Exceed™ S performance polyethylene resins

Creating stiffer, tougher, more durable flexible packaging often requires multiple resins, more blending, and sacrifices in conversion efficiency. What if your resin did more? Exceed S PE delivers simplicity without compromise. Now you can get stiffness and toughness with less blending, and resin solutions that streamline film and package making operations while improving package durability.

This webinar provided an introduction to Exceed S in flexible primary packaging applications. It covered non-laminated coextruded films, PE//PE laminates, hot-filled bag-in-box, and showed why Exceed S PE will enable you to rethink film design.

August 11 | 10am CST (USA)


Glenn Williams, Polyethylene Market Lead, Primary Packaging

Nilesh Savargaonkar, Technology Principal, Flexible Packaging

Rethink film design: An introduction to Exceed™ S performance polyethylene resins

There are many challenges involved in manufacturing high performance films and packaging. For starters, designs are increasingly complex. Designers often compromise between performance and processability when selecting resins. Complex blends and high layer counts are common-place. Converting film – slitting it to size, printing it, laminating it, forming it into a package – involves many steps and is prone to inefficiency. Do these challenges sound familiar to you? Watch the webinar recordings to learn how you can simplify film design and benefit from a more efficient value chain.
  • May 10 | 10am CST (USA)


    Tom Miller, Exceed™ S Marketing Manager
    Onur Kir, Polymer Technologist

  • May 11 | 10am Central EU


    Peter-Paul de Moor, MEAF Primary Packaging Application Development Chair
    Olivier Adam, Head of Market Development, Primary Packaging, Europe
    Piere-Andre Siebert, Polymer Technologist

  • May 12 | 11am ISC Region


    Nitin Thakur, Head of Market Development, Primary Packaging, India
    Dr. Amit Kumar Ghosh, Senior engineer, PE customer and application development, Primary packaging lead, India

  • May 17 | 10am Mexico City


    Santiago Laverde, PE Lead Market Developer, Primary Packaging, LAMEX
    Egon Honda, South America Customer Development

  • May 19 | 10am São Paulo


    Fabiana Grossi, PE Market Development Lead
    Egon Honda, South America Customer Development

  • May 19 | 10am Singapore


    Lee Seng Leng, Head of Market Development, Primary Packaging, ASEAN
    Evelyn Lim, Customer Development Supervisor, ASEAN