Specialty elastomer for pharmaceuticals

Exxpro™ specialty elastomers are brominated isobutylene paramethyl-styrene terpolymers (BIMSM). Together with Exxon™ halobutyl rubber, Exxpro specialty elastomers help the healthcare industry meet ever-changing requirements related to cleanliness, drug compatibility, low extractables and leachables.

Ideal for sensitive drugs and other demanding applications, Exxpro specialty elastomers are a super-clean solution and cost-effective alternative to expensive coated stoppers. In the tire industry, Exxpro is used for high-performance bladders and envelopes.


  • High temperature resistance
  • Greater heat stability compared to EPDM rubbers
  • Low permeability and high damping similar to butyl rubber
  • Wide latitude in cure and cocure with a variety of rubbers
  • Ozone/weathering resistance
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Elastomers solutions for pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices at IOM3 webinar 2020

Join our webinar with specialist elastomers and butyl application development technologist Dr. Anas Mujtaba to learn more about how Exxon™ butyl rubber and Exxpro™ specialty elastomer apply for pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices.

Download the presentation or watch the replay

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