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What Quality brings – an example  

Our employees fully recognize the importance of ExxonMobil delivering quality products. It brings collective advantages at every stage of the value chain, from manufacturing the raw materials through to a product’s recovering, reuse or recycling.

For a striking example of the importance of quality, consider the difference made across the food packaging value chain, when each party effectively manages its product quality:

The importance of quality across the value chain – food packaging

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    Film manufacturers

    Using products with consistent specifications and reliable quality can allow film manufacturers to set up film making machines less often, which reduces stoppage of the production line.

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    Film converters

    Using products with consistent specifications and reliable quality can allow film converters to set the tolerances on machines less often, which reduces having to repeatedly adjust for variations in films.

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    When film converters implement processes to ensure a quality product, packaging works as it is designed – which can help prevent unnecessary food spoilage, wasted time and costs due to improved package performance.

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    Brand owners

    The use of quality packaging material – and reliable and consistent packaging processes – can contribute to reliable food quality and consistent taste. This can help enhance the brand experience and reputation.

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    Food that is packaged with quality material and consistent quality processes can contribute to fewer packaging returns.

  • ExxonMobil Chemical Consumers icon


    Quality packaging materials and packaging processes can help contribute to fresh looking, smelling and tasting food.

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    Reduce, reuse, recycle or recover

    Plastic food packaging is too valuable to waste. End-of-life options include reduce, reuse, recycle or recover.