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Natalie Martinez, North America Advanced Recycling Commercial Manager presents during the Circularity 360 webinar series

Establishing a robust feedstock supply infrastructure is critical to supporting the growth of advanced recycling opportunities. This webinar will explore some of the challenges and opportunities throughout the value chain and share steps ExxonMobil has taken to help establish resiliency.
Francois Sinechal, Advanced Recycling Market Development Manager, Europe presents during the Circularity 360 webinar series
"Advanced recycling” is a term that encompasses a range of technologies that can help unlock the value of used plastics. This webinar will explore several advanced recycling technologies and highlight ExxonMobil’s Exxtend™  technology for advanced recycling.
Amy Laird, Americas Advanced Recycling Market Development Lead presents during the Circularity 360 webinar series

Programs to collect plastic waste in retail or back-of-house settings must meet the unique needs of each participating organization. This webinar will showcase elements that have been key to the success in several programs that leverage Exxtend™  technology and the strengths of our value chain partners.