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Pack Expo

Discover more about our products and advanced recycling technology from at Pack Expo.

AMI Conference

Connect with us at AMI to learn about our products and advanced recycling technology. Attend Amy Laird’s presentation on Exxtend™ technology; register here to attend this free conference 


Primary Packaging

Creating stiffer, tougher, more durable flexible packaging often requires multiple resins, more blending, and sacrifices in conversion efficiency. What if your resin did more? Exceed S PE delivers simplicity without compromise. 

Rigid Packaging

Keep up with the latest regulatory changes in Europe impacting food packaging.  Learn how to find the right balance in rigid packaging using Less and More to raise your game.  Less material, cost and plastic waste. 

Circularity in Packaging

Customers are focused on doing more with less, increasing recycled content incorporation, improving recyclability of products, and reducing a product’s carbon footprint all while maintaining product performance.



Explore our industry leading Exceed™ S, Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ performance polyethylene (PE) resins ― as well as our LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, and Paxon™ HDPE resins, and specialty copolymers ― which have been designed for a broad range of applications.


For the last 60 years, ExxonMobil has been helping to push boundaries and rethinking what’s possible when it comes to polypropylene (PP) with Achieve™Advanced PP, ExxonMobil™ PP and Exxtral™ performance polyolefins.

Polymer modifiers

Improve your products with a range of polymer modifiers that extend the performance and processability of films, compounds, nonwovens and molded/extruded products.
Utilize our application expertise and technical data to help you enhance product performance for maximum results.