ExxonMobil Chemical engineers observe environmental impact

Health and safety

Safety, environment and community

ExxonMobil Product Solutions strives for an incident-free workplace and a safe environment where nobody gets hurt. Our internal safety, security, health and environmental framework – known as the Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) – is used worldwide to measure progress and accountability in our operations.

Our work is guided by an in-depth understanding of the environmental impact of our operations, as well as the social and economic needs of the communities in which we operate. We believe in fostering a positive and lasting impact on these communities, building genuine working relationships based on mutual trust and respect for human rights.

We focus our environmental efforts on reducing emissions and developing more efficient processes that save energy. To that end, we publicly report emissions and support research that will help to better understand the factors that contribute to climate change. We believe in the powerful role technology can play in our efforts to reduce emissions long-term while continuing to meet the world's demand for petrochemical products.