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Introducing Celestia™ - An ultra-high-activity hydroprocessing catalyst for increased flexibility and profitability

Celestia™ hydroprocessing catalyst is designed for refinery leaders focused on margin improvement. Celestia offers the highest hydrodesulfurization (HDS), hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) and aromatic saturation activity of any hydroprocessing catalyst in the industry. Jointly developed by ExxonMobil and Albemarle, Celestia is deployed alongside Nebula®, its predecessor, to provide operational flexibility, superior earnings and refinery optimization, also adding value beyond the hydrotreating battery limits.

pretreating with celestia in single stage hydrocrackling

Increased flexibility and profitability from new hydroprocessing catalyst

Celestia™ bulk-metal catalyst enables upgrading more difficult feeds and delivering products to meet environmental standards and higher quality levels.   

Ways for refiners to capitalize on the benefits of ultra-high-activity catalysts

There are multiple ways to deliver improved margins. Typical examples include increasing feed rate, increasing feed difficulty, increasing yield and improving product quality.

value captured in the refinery graph

celestia catalyst application chart

A small, but crucial, link in today’s global supply chain

Meet Celestia™, the breakthrough catalyst that can help refiners create ultra-low-sulfur diesel while using less energy and producing less emissions.

Groundbreaking Celestia™ catalyst

Jointly developed by industry leaders ExxonMobil and Albemarle, Celestia catalyst is often deployed with its predecessor, Nebula®, to provide operational flexibility, exceptional earnings and refinery optimization and to add value beyond the hydrotreating battery limits.

Pellets of Celesita catalyst