Diesel Dewaxing

Increase your profits with MIDW™ dewaxing catalyst – one of the world’s most versatile fuels technologies.

ExxonMobil’s MIDW™ catalyst technology and services provide high yields of low cloud point diesel. The process uses a proprietary catalyst that converts waxy paraffins to higher performance molecules, compared to older technologies that rely on cracking. By using MIDW technology, refiners gain a much higher diesel yield, particularly for deep reductions in cloud point. Read our case studies and white papers to learn more about our diesel dewaxing technology.
Baytown refinery

Refiner generates ~$20 million in annual benefits with MIDW™ catalyst

A refiner producing ultra-low-sulfur diesel eliminated endpoint giveaway by implementing MIDW™ drop-in catalyst technology in an existing hydrotreater, generating estimated annual benefits of $20 million.

Refiner increases distillate yield by 42% with MIDW™ catalyst

A North American refiner increased distillate yield by 42%, achieving an estimated annual benefit of $10 million, by switching from a cracking dewaxing catalyst to MIDW™ drop-in catalyst solution.

Distillate yield chart wit HDT and dewaxing catalyst

Mogas production

Increase diesel yields – and profits – for your refinery

ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing offers an effective way to modify the cold-flow properties in diesel: MIDW™ technology for isomerization dewaxing of distillate fuels. It’s a relatively simple drop-in catalyst solution for dewaxing diesel that efficiently uses existing plant equipment.

Refiner dramatically improves diesel yield by converting to MIDW™ technology

By switching to MIDW™ technology from a cracking-based dewaxing catalyst, a U.S. refiner gained a big margin impact.

Baytown refinery at night

Summer and winter diesel yield chart

Maximize your product slate with diesel in cold climates

This white paper examines the three primary specifications for producing diesel in cold climates – cloud point, low filter plugging point and pour point – and the options for achieving target specifications. Traditional options, as well as ExxonMobil's isomerization dewaxing technology, are explored for increasing production of ultra-low-sulfur diesel.

Boost diesel yields with MIDW™ catalyst technology

ExxonMobil’s MIDW™ diesel dewaxing catalyst technology converts waxy paraffins to higher performance molecules, as compared to older technologies that rely on cracking, resulting in a much higher diesel yield.

Diesel Dewaxing