Foods in soft shrink wrap

Soft-shrink packaging

ExxonMobil Product Solutions performance polymers provide packaging solutions that can be used by brand owners to protect delicate or irregularly shaped items with high-integrity soft-shrink film for wrap, overwrap and bundle-packaging solutions from manufacturer to end use. These solutions can be produced using conventional blown-film processes for cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Applications and benefits

Soft-shrink films made with performance PE polymers exhibit controlled holding force and exceptional toughness that delivers excellent packaging integrity. It’s suitable for wrapping delicate foods and other products e.g. pizza, meat and cheese; bathroom and kitchen tissues; and irregularly shaped products such as office supplies/stationery, air filters and industrial products. It can be manufactured through double bubble process or conventional high stalk PE blown film process.
POF made with performance PE polymers offer:
  • Balanced MD/TD shrink performance
  • Improved film mechanical strength
  • Excellent film optical properties (gloss, haze and transparency)
  • PE soft-shrink films made with performance polymers offer:
  • Single-bubble solution with balanced shrink performance
  • Controlled holding force
  • Exceptional film toughness and puncture resistance
  • This mono-material, lightweight solution uses less material and has the potential to be recycled where programs and facilities to collect and recycle plastic films exist
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