sack for heavy duty lifting

Heavy duty sacks designed for extreme performance  

ExxonMobil’s range of performance PE polymers – including Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ – and ExxonMobil™ HDPE, provide many opportunities to create differentiated, sustainable heavy duty sack solutions.  From sacks made with 100% virgin performance PE polymers to sacks that include up to 37% multi-cycle recycled PE, as well new opportunities created by game-changing technology that combines Exceed XP with ExxonMobil™ PP.

Key benefits

Manufacturing heavy duty sacks with performance PE polymers,  and ExxonMobil HDPE offers converters and brand owners:

  • mechanical properties

    Mechanical properties that can be tailored to meet the application’s needs

  • high package integrity

    High package integrity to help prevent damage from the moment the sacks are being filled to when the products are used, including excellent temperature resistance for storage conditions in various environments and climates

  • ExxonMobil creep resistance icon

    Creep resistance that provides optimum stability, even when stacked or left on pallets for long periods of time, helping to prevent toppling and improve safety

  • ExxonMobil thermometer icon

    High-heat resistance up to 140°C for HDS and hot-fill applications

  • ExxonMobil enhanced sealability icon

    Enhanced sealability with excellent machinability enabling fast bagging line speeds for high output

  • ExxonMobil reduced system cost icon

    Reduced system costs through downgauging opportunities that use less material, while sack integrity is maintained

Highlighted solutions

Heavy duty sacks on a roll

Heavy duty sacks made with multi-cycle recycled PE  

Heavy duty sacks (HDS) can be recycled multiple times and re-used to produce new sacks. Using up to 37% recycled HDS film with virgin performance PE polymers maintains the performance of new sacks, while tracing and tracking technology helps ensure quality.

Contains up to 37 percent recycled PE heavy duty sack film content

Image Selene Case study HDS wth PCR

Sustainable heavy duty sack films containing 50% post-consumer recycled content maintain performance  

See how The Selene Group, a leading polyethylene (PE) film converter and recycler based in Italy and ExxonMobil  developed heavy duty sack films solution (Selene NextBag™) containing 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content in response to brand owner commitments, consumer feedback and regulatory changes.
The value chain working together

Heavy Duty Bags from ExxonMobil Chemical

Extreme performance HDS with Exceed XP  

Make thinner, tougher heavy duty sack films with high output using Exceed XP.  The extreme toughness and stiffness of the sacks provides step-change downgauging.

Packaging integrity, bag-drop performance for load stability

sack for heavy duty lifting

Stronger heavy duty sacks with extreme performance  

Exceed XP, Exceed and Enable performance PE polymers offer excellent sealing, enhanced machinability, outstanding operational efficiency and opportunities for downgauging. Tougher films result in less damage to heavy duty sacks and less waste.

Outstanding processability

A bag’s life

Watch this short video to learn how Exceed™ XP performance PE polymers offer eXtreme Performance in remarkably thin heavy duty sacks.

The next generation of HDS manufactured with Exceed XP polymers can remain damage-free throughout their lifetime and are suitable for applications including resins and polymers pellets, food grains, pet foods and fertilizers.

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