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High-loft, ultra-soft hygiene solutions  

The next generation of nonwovens is here. An innovative blend of Vistamaxx™ and our performance polypropylene, together with bi-component (BiCo) spunbond technology, delivers high-loft, ultra-soft fabrics with low lint, excellent uniformity and resilience. It’s where soft meets strong.

This breakthrough solution enables the production of exceptionally soft and comfortable components such as belly bands, back sheets and top sheets in premium hygiene products including: 

  • Open-style diapers
  • Pant-style diapers
  • Feminine care products
  • Adult incontinence products

Key benefits

Inspiring new possibilities in nonwovens

  • Discover how Vistamaxx and our performance polypropylene provide exceptional softness and comfort, every step of the way.

Proof of performance

Vistamaxx and our performance polypropylene, together with bi-component (BiCo) spunbond technology, enable the production of high-loft, ultra-soft components.
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  • The blend of Achieve™Advanced PP3684, ExxonMobil PP3155E5 and Vistamaxx 7050BF processes easily on BiCo spunbond technology from Reifenhäuser Reicofil, a market leader in developing complete nonwoven, meltblown and composite production lines. This process, combined with our innovative blend of Vistamaxx and our performance polypropylene, creates thick and cottony-soft fabrics, compared to the thin, silky-soft fabrics created with existing spunbond technology.

    The combination of ExxonMobil polymers and Reicofil technology addresses the growing demand for innovative, differentiated soft nonwovens in the global hygiene market and unlocks new business opportunities across the value chain.

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Loft blends and key attributes

Three blends of ExxonMobil’s high-loft, ultra-soft solution can be created using different grades of our performance polypropylene. Some blends produce a silkier finish, while others produce a more cotton-like result.


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