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Design for recyclability*

Design for recyclability is driven by the necessity to adapt packaging solutions to meet recycling criteria, which are being developed/adopted by the value chain and may eventually be mandated.

Often packaging structures are composite structures (laminates), which can be comprised of a PE film, used as sealant, combined with oriented films such as polyester or PA films which are used as a substrate. These multi-material structures can be difficult to recycle using mechanical processes.

Solutions to replace these substrates with PE films that can be more easily recycled have been created in recent years and many new ones are in development.

A particular focus has been oriented PE, either mono-oriented (MDOPE) or bi-oriented (BOPE). These PE//PE laminates can contribute to a more circular economy for plastic by helping to improve the film's recyclability.

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*Recyclable in communities with programs and facilities in place that collect and recycle flexible film.