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Foamable Achieve™ Advanced PP  

Eliminate trade-offs and unlock new, sustainable opportunities without compromising on performance. Foamable Achieve™ Advanced PP is suitable for high-volume applications that benefit from low density and excellent insulation while maintaining stand-out polypropylene properties.

Challenge reality

The first foamable polypropylene that enables you to unlock opportunities in high-volume applications that benefit from low density and excellent insulation while maintaining standout polypropylene properties.

Key benefits

  • Affordable

    Requires less material than solid structures and runs well on a wide range of foaming equipment.

  • Terhmal perfromanc eicon

    Thermal performance

    Offers dimensional stability and insulation in extreme temperatures.

  • Recycable 5 icon


    Allows post-industrial and post-consumer recycling*, reducing footprint and cost without compromising product integrity.

  • Sound dampening icon

    Sound dampening

    Dissipates unwanted noise for a comfortable environment.

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    Reduces material requirements. Maintains rigidity, even at low densities – more material made with less polymer for lighter weight and reduced footprint.

  • Icon of half an armor within an armor describing excellent creep resistance, rigid and durable, enhanced wear protection, package integrity


    Resists moisture and chemicals for long-lasting performance.

*Recyclable in those communities with appropriate collection and recycling programs.
  • 30 % more stiff for better performance with less material.

    The wait is over

    Challenge reality and rethink what’s possible with affordable and recyclable* foamed polypropylene parts.

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  • Insulated food and beverage packaging

    Eliminate trade-offs and unlock new, sustainable opportunities with unexpectedly affordable, foamable Achieve™ Advanced PP.

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Industries and applications

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    Challenge reality

    Rethink what’s possible in automotive performance, packaging design, hygiene comfort and appliance appeal. Achieve™ advanced PP offers a significant step beyond traditional PP performance.

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