Full polyethylene (PE) laminated solutions for sustainable packaging  

Stand up pouches (SUP) can now be made using recycled material from full PE laminated pouches and ExxonMobil’s performance polyethylene (PE) polymers –including Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ – and Exact™ plastomers. The new pouches which combine up to 30% recycled PE pouch film with 70% virgin performance PE polymers deliver excellent packaging integrity, puncture energy and optics and are well-suited for non-food applications, such as detergents and dishwasher tabs.
*Recyclable in communities that have programs in place to collect and recycle plastic film.
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Full PE pouches recycled to create new pouches

ExxonMobil introduced full PE laminated SUP packaging solutions as a replacement for conventional multi-material structures which can be difficult to recycle. These full PE SUPs can be easily recycled where programs and facilities to collect and recycle plastic films exist. This recycled PE is now being used in combination with our performance PE polymers to manufacture new SUPs, helping customers create sustainable solutions.

Recyclable packaging with excellent packaging integrity, puncture energy and optics

*machine direction orientation

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