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Industrial fabric coatings

To meet the challenge of a rising global population and a growing need for well-built infrastructure, we developed Vistamaxx™ performance polymers.  These performance polymers are extrudable over a wide temperature range and can be used to tailor the end-use properties of polyethylene- or polypropylene-based coatings for industrial fabrics used in a variety of applications.


  • Construction textiles such as roof underlayment
  • Waterproofing and expansion tapes
  • Reinforced membranes used in architecture
  • Construction covers, awnings, canopies and tarps
  • Insulation facings and foam boards
  • Automotive laminates
  • Industrial wrappings


  • Excellent adhesion to woven and nonwoven substrates
  • Low-temperature sealing and seal strength
  • Increased flexibility and elasticity
  • Toughness 
  • Anti-skid properties

Product solutions

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