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Gaskets, seals and hoses

ExxonMobil Product Solutions' portfolio of EPDM rubber helps make seals and gaskets for industrial applications more durable and cost-effective.

Applications and benefits

Seals and gaskets

Rely on Vistalon™ EPM copolymers and EPDM terpolymers for long-service-life seals and gaskets in:

  • Residential and commercial construction glazing seals
  • Expansion joints
  • Appliance applications
  • Industrial pressure pipes
  • Commercial sprinklers
  • Water pipes and pumps

Vistalon rubber benefits include:

  • Excellent weatherability
  • Heat and ozone resistance
  • Low compression set
  • Good tear strength
  • High-speed extrusion

Fast curing and collapse resistant, Vistalon rubber can be extruded at high speeds for lower part cost. Extruded or molded, seals and gaskets made with Vistalon rubber perform well and maintain their function and appearance over a wide temperature range and in UV-intense environments.

Product solutions

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