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Optimize data center performance with our broad range of data center cooling solutions.

Energy use in data centers and high performance computing is undergoing explosive growth, consuming up to 2% of the global electricity supply in 20211. For example, since 20151 energy use in traditional data centers has increased up to 60%, while in crypto mining data centers it has risen by up to 3,300%. Continuous improvements in hardware performance are increasing heat generation, and advanced computing techniques, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are driving higher computational workloads. In such a dynamic environment, effective thermal management through liquid immersion cooling solutions has never been so important.

The challenge: Managing data center energy demand and growth

Formulation depicting data center workloads

    Effectively remove heat

    Increase hardware lifespan2

    Save CAPEX 20-35%2
    Save OPEX 40-50%2
    Save TCO 30-40%2

    Better EE:
    pPUE as low as 1.033
    PFAS-free fluids
    Less water consumption2
TDP - Thermal Design Power
1 Source: IEA (International Energy Agency), Set ‘22, “Data Centres and Data Transmission Networks”
2 Source: OCP Regional Summit 2023
3 Source: ExxonMobil data.
EE - Energy Efficiency
pPUE - Partial Power Usage Effectiveness
PFAS - Per - and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

Liquid immersion cooling solutions

By effectively removing heat compared to traditional air cooling, dielectric liquid can enable thermal management of high TDP processors2. Immersion cooling can also help increase hardware lifespan2 and lower cost2. Superior thermal management can translate to both lower pPUE3 and less water consumption2.
Achieving the right balance between heat transfer and flashpoint is essential for optimal server component performance. ExxonMobil’s PFAS-free immersion cooling products offer data center OEMs and end-users both high performance and the flexibility to customize thermal management to meet specific needs. Immersion cooling also enables rapid expansion of edge computing capacity within weeks, reducing response times to surges in demand. A wide range of immersion solutions is available, including immersion cooling tank and chassis cooling.

Broad portfolio

Flash point and viscosity representation

Portfolio of synthetic & non-synthetic fluids enabling customized solution(s)4

2 Source: OCP Regional Summit 2023
3 Source: ExxonMobil data.
4 Source: Based on ExxonMobil data. Please contact ExxonMobil data center immersion fluid team for additional information

Product gradeslate

Typical properties; actual values will vary; not to be construed as specifications
** Super : Step-out balance of viscosity and flash point
Your source for immersion cooling solutions
ExxonMobil Product Solutions offers a broad portfolio of immersion cooling oils to meet specific needs. Our fit-for-purpose product options deliver properties that make them highly effective and sustainable thermal management solutions:
  • Low viscosity to effectively remove heat from IT equipment used in colocations or by hyperscalers
  • Higher flashpoint for facility safety
  • Excellent compatibility with various metal, plastic and rubber materials for long equipment life
  • Exceptional pPUE

The technology: Liquid immersion cooling

Immersion cooling is essential to sustainably cooling data beyond Power Usage Effectiveness

  • Reduce energy use

    Enable lower PUE* compared to traditional air cooling
    *Power Usage Effectiveness: Energy efficiency of a data center: Total facility energy/IT equip energy
  • Reduce water use

    Lower water consumption by effective heat transfer
  • Reduce footprint

    Increase rack density reduces data center footprints

The solution: Fit-for-purpose product options

ExxonMobil’s broad product portfolio can meet your liquid data cooling needs

Cooling fluid property requirement

  • Lower viscosity to effectively remove heat from IT equipment and edge infrastructure, improving energy efficiency
  • Material compatibility with various metals, plastics and rubbers for long equipment life
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Let’s work together.

Collaboration is vital for rapid development of innovative immersion cooling solutions.  ExxonMobil is an ideal partner, offering:
  • Molecular synthesis expertise to enable future thermal fluid development
  • Next generation solution delivery
  • Working with key partners across the value chain
  • Global manufacturing, logistics, commercial and technical support
  • A lasting commitment to your success

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