Exx-Wash™ compressor wash oil

Compressor wash oil

New fracturing and drilling technologies are continuously increasing the shale gas capacity, offering both opportunities and challenges to the ethylene industry. This rising availability has the potential to reduce operational costs but goes hand in hand with fouling issues and an increased need for compressor wash oils. ExxonMobil Exx-Wash™ portfolio offers an efficient and reliable solution to meet this need.

Applications and benefits

Exx-Wash™ compressor wash oil is specifically designed to deliver an array of benefits for olefins manufacturers:
  • Offers efficient cleaning due to strong solvency
  • Provides two grades each with a distinct and narrow boiling range to accommodate your specific operating conditions
  • Minimizes corrosion and fouling due to very low sulfur levels and low “heavies” content
  • Delivers consistent quality for process gas compressor operability and reliability optimization

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