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Wind turbine cleaning fluid

Wind is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world, with total global power capacity of approximately 800 GW in 2021*.
Wind turbines are often located in remote areas that are challenging to access for service. Therefore, thorough and effective maintenance must be conducted to minimize downtime and maximize power generated.
Old and hardening grease on key components may reduce power generation or result in unscheduled downtime.
Selecting the right cleaning agent and lubricating grease can potentially help:
  • Extend bearing life by thoroughly removing old and hardening grease
  • Preventing premature bearing damage
  • Providing rust and corrosion protection

The latest generation cleaning agent for the wind turbine maintenance

Without maintenance, dirty and dried out lubricating grease of a wind turbine affects bearing life. Watch video to learn how to help efficiently and effectively clean out machine parts during wind turbine maintenance.

Wind turbine old grease cleaning lab test

In this video, you will see how effective Actrel ™ is in cleaning by our laboratory testing and in actual operation.

Actrel™ fluids are proven cleaning agents for wind turbines, providing efficient and outstanding cleaning performance. They can help ensure equipment cleanliness, reduce contamination to new lubricants and maximize lubricants life.
The combination of ExxonMobil’s Actrel™ cleaning fluids and Mobil Grease™ can provide a complete maintenance solution.

Where can we clean?

Schmierstellen windturbine
Actrel fluid is currently tested on main shaft bearing, it can be potentially used in other parts of wind turbine.

Key potential benefits

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