Shower sealants application

Sealants and mastics  

Jayflex™ plasticizers offer improved permanence and product stability for sealants and mastics. They also increase the service life and shelf life of end-use products, allowing formulators to reduce costs and optimize performance.

Applications and benefits

  • Acrylic window sealants (caulks)
  • Automotive sealants
  • Tub and tile sealants (caulks)
  • Urethane sealants

Product solutions

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    DINP plasticizer

    Jayflex™ DINP plasticizer is the largest-volume and preferred general-purpose high-molecular-weight plasticizer for PVC, providing the opportunity for cost savings with a good balance of properties.

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    Plasticizer news

    Find the latest facts on plasticizer legislation.

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