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The global population is rising significantly, especially in urban areas, creating a growing need for well-built buildings and infrastructure. The number of households and commercial buildings will increase rapidly in the coming decades, driving demand for high-performance building materials.
Meanwhile, the building and construction industry is trying to balance a number of trends, including higher performance, increased durability, improved safety, better aesthetics, reduced maintenance, greater energy efficiency, reduced material use and waste, and lower costs. Our performance PE polyethylene, Vistamaxx™ performance polymers and advanced rubber materials have been developed to meet these challenges and demanding specifications.

Applications and benefits

Residential sound insulation sheeting needs to be easy to manufacture, handle and install. Using performance polymers  as a filler, up to 70 to 75 percent can meet these needs.

  • Cost-effective sound insulation
  • Products that meet targeted sound insulation requirements
  • Flexibility to facilitate installation, storage and handling

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TPO roof sheeting needs to be strong, durable and flexible. Adding 5 to 20 percent performance polymers  to a TPO formulation can provide a balance of toughness and flexibility to help meet these specifications.

  • Enhanced flexibility for ease of installation and repair
  • Increased seam and peel strength for durability and long roof life
  • Wider weld window for ease of installation and weld strength

Recommended products:

Roof sheeting made with EPDM, specifically designed for easy processing and application.

  • Low-temperature flexibility for easy installation in any climate, especially cold weather
  • Good balance of tack, green strength and long service life in both filled and oil-extended EPDM formulations
  • Durability for flat and low-slope roofs is enhanced due to good heat aging, good UV resistance, ozone resistance, and high filler loading and oil retention over a broad temperature range

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Vistamaxx™ performance polymers can be used as modifiers for bitumen compounds to optimize the cost and enhance the performance of the final roof membrane.  Adding Vistamaxx polymers to your formulation can deliver:

  • Higher flexibility for ease of installation
  • Optimized membrane toughness and hardness based on the needs of the application
  • Higher filler or recycled polymer loadings for lower total compound costs
  • Tailored compound viscosity for easier compounding
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Non-exposure waterproofing membranes need to be tough and flexible to deliver optimum performance during and after challenging field work. Performance polyethylene and Vistamaxx™ performance polymers provide balanced performance to help meet these specifications:
  • Outstanding mechanical performance to meet challenging field work conditions
  •  Enhanced flexibility and welding performance for ease of installation
  •  Good dimensional stability and MD/TD balance to minimize risk of leakage
  •  Maximized membrane output
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