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Synthetic base stocks for wind turbine grease

As wind turbines increase in size they are utilizing centralized grease distribution systems for their main and pitch bearings, especially in extreme temperatures and remote locations. Your customers demand grease that lasts longer and performs better, minimizing maintenance costs while maximizing equipment reliability and productivity.

To help you manufacture wind turbine grease that can meet these challenges, we provide world-class synthetic base stocks, including SpectraSyn Elite™  metallocene polyalphaolefin (mPAO).

Due to its unique molecular structure, SpectraSyn Elite™ mPAO base stock delivers:

  • High viscosity index
  • Exceptional low-temperature properties
  • Enhanced temperature fluidity and shear stability
  • Excellent foam and air release performance

Proven performance 

In 2015, the IEA Wind Task 19 determined that 25% of global wind installations are installed in cold climates, and are expected to grow at 9% through 2024. SpectraSyn Elite mPAO has demonstrated improved low temperature performance compared to mineral oil and conventional polyalphaolefin (PAO) base stocks. How? The properties chart below shows that SpectraSyn Elite mPAO’s enhanced low-temperature fluidity allows grease to flow at lower temperatures.
grease test table of results

Low-temperature torque test

In low-temperature torque tests (ASTM D1478), ISO VG 220 and ISO VG 460 lithium-complex greases formulated with SpectraSyn Elite™ 150 and 300 (blended with Synesstic™ alkylated naphthalene) outperformed mineral oil base stock lithium-complex greases.
isovg 220 low temp mobility chart
iso vg 460 low temperature torque chart
In the same test using calcium-sulfonate and clay thickeners, grease formulated with SpectraSyn Elite 300 demonstrated superior performance to greases using SpectraSyn™ 100 and mineral base stocks.
iso vg 460 low temperature torque clay thickener chart
iso vg 460 low temperature torque casx chart

Low-temperature pumpability test 

Grease pumpability is critical to equipment protection. The grease should pump easily through the central lubrication system at low temperatures without the oil and thickener separating. In the US Steel low-temperature mobility test at -18°C, ISO VG 220 and ISO VG 460 lithium-complex greases formulated with SpectraSyn Elite mPAO and Synessitc AN significantly improved pumpability compared to grease formulated with mineral oil base stocks. 
iso vg 220 low temp mobility char
iso vg 460 low mobility chart

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