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Synthetics technical video series  

World-class synthetic base stocks backed by unsurpassed technical expertise  

Diving deep into data can help you solve your lubricant formulation challenges and meet the needs of your customers. Get answers, advice and analysis from our experts in this technical video series.

  • oxidative stability chart

    Oxidative stability

    See a comparison of oxidative stability of mPAO and cPAO base stocks under severe operating conditions.

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  • synthetic grease chart

    Synthetic grease

    Learn how high-viscosity mPAO base stocks offer grease formulators enhanced low- and high-temperature performance.

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  • solubility solutions chart

    Solubility solutions

    Explore a test program that demonstrates formulary solutions for solubility and deposition performance using mPAO base stocks.

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  • energy sufficiency chart

    Why sacrifice wear protection for energy efficiency?

    Learn how increasing the use of synthetic base stocks can help lower industrial energy consumption.

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  • cool guy sunbathing

    Synovation video series

    Learn more about lubrication to better protect your equipment and boost productivity by watching our short, lively Synovation videos.

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  • group photo of employees

    The People Behind You video series

    Meet the people who support your efforts to make innovative lubricants.

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  • dalian hilubo close-up

    Case study videos

    Lubricant manufacturers explain how they meet their customers’ needs with help from ExxonMobil synthetics.

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Find the answers you need in our library of informative case studies, white papers, factsheets and more.

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