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We provide solutions that support the lowering of GHG emissions in the transportation and industrial sectors.

How can we help?

By supplying base stocks and formulating finished lubricants that can help to improve fuel economy and offer the potential for enhanced energy efficiency. Our products can help lubricate renewable energy assets and support mobility electrification. This means potential enhanced efficiency and reduced GHG emission benefits that can be incorporated into your product solutions, such as extending vehicle range, increasing energy efficiency, and improving oxidative stability for long drain intervals.
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Potential for improved fuel economy

Using a 0W-12 engine oil in Volkswagen fuel economy test PV1496, SpectraSyn™ MaX PAO demonstrates superior fuel economy improvement compared to a Group III+ and a low viscosity conventional PAO.
In a comparison based on a Toyota 0W-8 test, SpectraSyn™ MaX PAO demonstrates enhanced fuel economy versus formulations using low-viscosity esters.
  • Sustainability chart VW fuel
  • Sustainability chart Toyota fuel
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  • Source - ExxonMobil: LVLV report on e-memory, Document Number: 2019CORR1097. 

Potential for greater energy efficiency

In Mini-Traction Machine (MTM) tests, SpectraSyn™ MaX PAO demonstrated lower friction coefficient/torque loss compared to Group II+/III+ and conventional PAO blends. This performance can enable the potential for improved energy efficiency and fuel economy.

Our fully formulated industrial gear oil solution can deliver up to 3.4% greater energy efficiency than a comparable mineral oil based solution.
  • Sustainability chart MTM
  • Sustainability chart synthetics
  • Source - ExxonMobil: TSR number:1018-002 ELN: EXP-18-AC8804 & EXP-18-AA4274
  • Source - EMRE: Internal trial comparing ExxonMobil mPAO IGO Solution with mineral oil on a proprietary worm gear rig (year 2021, test runs 48-65) Midas# 21-012358, 21-012357, 20-077532, 20-077531

Potential for enhanced oxidative stability

Through outstanding thermal and oxidative stability even at extreme temperatures, as well as low volatility, our advanced synthetic base stocks can enable long oil life.
Sustainability chart stability
Source - ExxonMobil: L 48 oxidation data: TSR 0118-001; ELN: EXP-18-AA4271 # EXP-18-AC8806

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Empowering the world's lower carbon ambitions through energy efficient, durable lubricant solutions

Learn more about our synthetic base stock solutions that support the lowering of GHG emissions in the transportation and industrial sectors.

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