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Engine Oil Innovation With Synthetic Base Stock

Evolving needs in the engine oil marketplace require formulators to innovate more than ever before. We are committed to help you achieve your goals by continuing to create new and innovative synthetic base stock solutions, such as our groundbreaking SpectraSyn™ MaX PAO. Through unprecedented low viscosity/low volatility balance, SpectraSyn™ MaX PAO offers step-out fuel economy and energy efficiency without compromising durability or wear protection.

Formulation flexibility

Formulators are seeking new ways to improve fuel economy in longer-lasting low-viscosity oils that provide better deposit control and wear protection. This chart shows the trend toward lower-viscosity engine oil formulations. The color bars represent base oils and core additives, while the white boxes represent areas of formulation flexibility. As the viscosity grade lowers, a “formulation squeeze” is created, offering less opportunity for performance additives. Next-generation low-viscosity, low-volatility base stock SpectraSyn™ MaX PAO provides greater formulation flexibility.

Improved fuel economy chart
Physics ad data driven guided research.

Model-guided research

We conduct model-guided research to synthesize and evaluate new base stock molecules that address the performance challenges of low-viscosity engine oils – especially low volatility and improved oxidative stability. Our research includes:

  • Modeling hundreds of materials
  • More than 200 materials synthesized and tested
  • Many candidate molecules progressed for development

Low viscosity, low volatility (LVLV)


Through our research, we are designing LVLV PAOs and esters with excellent oxidative stability for 0W grade engine oils. This chart shows that LVLV PAOs provide both excellent viscosity-volatility balance and oxidative stability, along with low-temperature properties.

LVLV Esters

We’re also developing LVLV Esters that demonstrate an outstanding balance of viscosity and volatility.

Volatility vs viscocity Esters chart

Blending LVLV products

This chart, which shows an 0W-8 PCMO formulation, illustrates how a combination of PAO B and Ester D can help create a low-volatility blend compared to Group III/III+ molecules.

Noack volatility

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