Fuel efficiency for 5W+ engine oils

Though there is a strong trend toward lower viscosity engine oils to limit CO2 emissions through increased fuel economy, 5W+ grades are currently the most popular viscosity grades. Enhancing the fuel efficiency of these 5W+ grades is therefore an area of opportunity for new molecules and solutions that formulators can leverage for sustainability goals.

Lower-viscosity base oils can help improve fuel efficiency, but formulations also must meet low-temperature specifications for CCS viscosity while staying within the 5W+ viscosity grade.

Fuel efficiency for 5w engine oils

Ester FE 2.X

To help passenger and heavy-duty vehicle engine oils extend fuel economy in 5W+ grades while conforming to SAE J300 specs, we have developed Ester FE 2.X, a co-base stock ester from bio-based feedstock that provides:

  • Low viscosity
  • Low volatility
  • High viscosity index (VI)
  • Low traction

With a ~5% targeted treat rate, Ester FE 2.X can enable heavier grades (5W+) to achieve fuel economy similar to lower viscosity 0W engine oils. Thanks to a unique viscosity profile, Ester FE 2.X boosts CCS viscosity but not the base oil viscosity (BOV). The lower BOV enables a higher additive treat rate without increasing viscosity or sacrificing fuel efficiency.  

This chart shows how blending 5 wt.% Ester FE 2.X with a 4 cSt or an 8 cSt @ 100°C base oil allows for enhanced fuel efficiency while still meeting the CCS requirements of a 5W-30 engine oil blend.

Lower BOV allows for a higher additive treat rate without increasing viscosity at 100°C or sacrificing fuel efficiency.
Base oil viscocity and kinematic viscocity at 100 degrees celcius.

Improved fuel efficiency

In the Sequence VIE fuel efficiency engine test, a 5W-30 using ~5% wt. Ester FE 2.X boosted fuel efficiency 0.55% compared to a 5W-30 GF-6 prototype oil.
+0.55% FEI with ester FE 2.X
Watch a short video to learn more about Ester FE 2.X.

Let’s talk about how Ester FE 2.X can help solve your formulation challenges.

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