Cooling elements in data center operating environment

Data center cooling fluids

Data center OEMs and end users can achieve the right balance of heat transfer and flashpoint for optimal server component performance with ExxonMobil’s broad portfolio of data center cooling liquid products. With a wide range of data cooling solutions, such as immersion cooling tub and chassis, customers have the flexibility to manage their thermal technology to suit their specific purpose. Rapidly evolving efficiency demands require greater innovation. Count on us to help you innovate confidently and grow your business through unsurpassed technical expertise, global supply reliability, and a lasting commitment to your success!

The challenge: Managing data center energy demand and growth

Formulation depicting data center workloads

The technology: Liquid cooling

Liquid cooling is essential to sustainably cooling data beyond Power Usage Effectiveness

  • Reduce energy use

    Enable lower PUE* compared to traditional air cooling
    *Power Usage Effectiveness: Energy efficiency of a data center: Total facility energy/IT equip energy
  • Reduce water use

    Lower water consumption by effective heat transfer
  • Reduce footprint

    Increase rack density reduces data center footprints

The solution: Fit-for-purpose product options

ExxonMobil’s broad product portfolio can meet your liquid data cooling needs

Cooling fluid property requirement

  • Lower viscosity to effectively remove heat from IT equipment, improving energy efficiency
  • Material compatibility with various metals, plastics and rubbers for long equipment life

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