Synovation Video Series

Synovation series  

The more you know about lubrication, the better decisions you’ll make about which products will help you achieve your goals. Grounded in our world-class technical expertise, the short, lively, animated videos in the Synovation series make learning about lubes fast and fun.

Synthetics vs. minerals 

Find out about distinct performance advantages synthetic base stocks provide over mineral-oil base stocks and how formulators use synthetics to create next-generation lubricants.

Heavy Duty

Owners of heavy-duty vehicles are switching from mineral to synthetic lubricants. Learn how synthetics minimize maintenance, maximize engine reliability and meet today’s performance demands.

Lubrication basics 

Lubes are the ultimate multi-taskers, helping to prevent wear, corrosion and rust while dissipating heat. See how lubricants help keep the world moving.

Base stock categories

The American Petroleum Institute (API) categorizes lubricant base oils in five groups. Learn how each group offers capabilities to meet specific performance goals.