Synovation series  

Unlock the secrets of better lubrication  

The more you know about lubrication, the better decisions you’ll make about which products will help you achieve your goals. Learn more in the short, lively, animated videos in our Synovation series.

  • Lubricant ingesting a water droplet.

    Base stock demulsibility

    Water contamination can degrade lubrication, causing corrosion. Learn how the excellent demulsibility of synthetic base stocks can prevent water contamination.

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  • Chemists making a solution.

    Lubricant composition

    Lubricant formulators have to create formulations that satisfy a wide range of customers. Effective formulations require the right balance of base stocks and additives.

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  • A sponge with suds.

    Seal compatibility

    Oil leaks can cost money, create safety issues and can lead to equipment damage. Learn how synthetic base stocks can help to keep seals healthy and your oil in your equipment.

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  • A drop of lubricant under the sun.

    Oxidative stability

    We need oxygen to live but for lubricants oxygen can actually shorten life. Learn how synthetic base stocks can help to prevent oxidation and improve lubricant performance.

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  • Polymers

    cPAO vs. mPAO

    Compare conventional and metallocene polyalphaolefin synthetic base stocks.

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  • volatile property


    In the world of machinery lubrication, heat is a trouble-maker. Find out why.

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  • substance foaming property

    Avoiding foaming

    Good quality base oils control foam to ensure the finished lubricant can protect and perform.

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  • air release property

    Air release

    Entrained air undermines lubricant performance. How do high-quality base oils handle it?

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  • viscosity property

    Viscosity index

    A lubricant’s viscosity index, or VI, is critical for high performance. Find out why.

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  • soluable property


    Additives should dissolve in base oil, but they can drop out. Learn how synthetics can help.

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  • blue car near windmills

    Synthetics vs. minerals

    Find out about the distinct performance advantages of synthetic base stocks compared to mineral oils.

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  • orange truck with stones

    Heavy duty

    Owners of heavy-duty vehicles are switching from mineral to synthetic lubricants. Learn why.

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  • gears with oil

    Lubrication basics

    Lubricants are the ultimate multi-taskers. See how they keep the world moving.

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  • 2 blue hammers

    Base stock categories

    Learn about the five base stock groups and how they meet specific performance goals.

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  • group photo of employees

    The People Behind You

    Meet the people who support your success at ExxonMobil Chemical Synthetics.

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  • dalian hilubo close-up

    Case study videos

    Lubricant manufacturers explain how they meet their customers’ needs with help from ExxonMobil synthetics.

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  • synthetics technical video series in black background

    Synthetics technical video series

    Learn about the technical properties of synthetic base stocks with our informative video series.

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Find the answers you need in our library of informative case studies, white papers, factsheets and more.

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