Synovation Video Series

Synovation series  

The more you know about lubrication, the better decisions you’ll make about which products will help you achieve your goals. Grounded in our world-class technical expertise, the short, lively, animated videos in the Synovation series make learning about lubes fast and fun.
  • blue car near windmills

    Synthetics vs. minerals

    Find out about the distinct performance advantages of synthetic base stocks compared to mineral oils.

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  • orange truck with stones

    Heavy duty

    Owners of heavy-duty vehicles are switching from mineral to synthetic lubricants. Learn why.

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  • gears with oil

    Lubrication basics

    Lubricants are the ultimate multi-taskers. See how they keep the world moving.

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  • 2 blue hammers

    Base stock categories

    Learn about the five base stock groups and how they meet specific performance goals.

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  • innovate confidently

    cPAO vs. mPAO

    Compare conventional and metallocene polyalphaolefin synthetic base stocks.

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  • volatile property


    In the world of machinery lubrication, heat is a trouble-maker. Find out why.

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  • substance foaming property


    Good quality base oils control foam to ensure the finished lubricant can protect and perform.

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  • air release property

    Air release

    Entrained air undermines lubricant performance. How do high-quality base oils handle it?

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  • viscosity property

    Viscosity index

    A lubricant’s viscosity index, or VI, is critical for high performance. Find out why.

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  • soluable property


    Additives should dissolve in base oil, but they can drop out. Learn how synthetics can help.

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  • group photo of employees

    The People Behind You

    Meet the people who support your success at ExxonMobil Chemical Synthetics.

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  • dalian hilubo close-up

    Case study videos

    Lubricant manufacturers explain how they meet their customers’ needs with help from ExxonMobil synthetics.

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    See our full collection of informational resources designed to support you with world-class expertise.

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