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Pen holder


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Key benefits

The rigid parts made with Achieve™ Advanced PP7123KNE1 that deliver:

  • High gloss for good appearance
  • High stiffness with balanced impact resistance
  • Good processability

The soft-touch parts comprise a TPE skin using Vistamaxx™ performance polymers that deliver:

  • Comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Toughness with tear and tensile strength
  • Sticky-free and no oil blooming
  • Non-slip feel, even when wet
  • Excellent compatibility with PO-based substrates
  • Design flexibility and ability to color

Production process

  • Two-shot injection molding

Material(s) replaced

  • TPE

Typical material solution

  • Soft TPE skin: 20% Vistamaxx™ 8880 + 80% Vistamaxx 6202
  • Rigid part: 100% Achieve™ Advanced PP7123KNE1
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