Rethink Recycle with
Vistamaxx™ performance polymers.

The recycling of plastics is a global growth market, and for good reason. Using lower-cost recycled input can create cost savings for businesses and is great for the environment. But different types of plastic may be incompatible and sorting them can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Vistamaxx performance polymers compatibilize PE and PP plastics, and allow them to mix in the melt, removing the need for separation. They also improve end product quality for high-value applications, including:

Key benefits:

Vistamaxx offers cost savings, inceases process consistency, improves output toughness, and unlocks new product possibilities. In 7 months 500 tons of rope were recylced and in 2020 the aim is to recylcle 2000 tons per year.

Turning discarded milk tea cups to useful phone cases

Takeaway beverage cups and food containers, typically made of polypropylene, are usually not recycled after use because they become brittle after recycling. Through our collaboration with Meituan Waimai, HeyTea, TRASHAUS and Rhino, Vistamaxx™ performance polymers turned 1,900 discarded milk tea cups into 3,800 phone cases with improved toughness, durability and comfortable touch.
Vistamaxx™ performance polymers turns HeyTea cups to cellphone cases (provided by Meituan and HeyTea)

The beginning: Atando Cabos part 1

Discarded plastic fishing rope were contaminating the delicate ecosystem of Patagonia. Atando Cabos wanted to recycle these ropes, but found they were made of incompatible plastics which couldn’t be separated. Learn how ExxonMobil worked with them to find a solution using Vistamaxx performance polymers, which not only allows the ropes to be recycled, but dramatically improves end-product quality.

Building on Success: Atando Cabos part 2

Atando Cabos has demonstrated that effective recycling requires initiative, perseverance and collaboration. And that the result is worth the effort. Using Vistamaxx performance polymers, over 1200 tons of discarded fishing ropes have already been recycled into high impact resistant crates. Watch our new video to see how.
With Vistamaxx and support from ExxonMobil, Atando Cabos was able to turn the ropes into high-quality products and began a project that would have environmental and business benefits.

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