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Oppera™ modifiers  

From food packaging to confectionery, tea and even cosmetics wrapping, Oppera™ modifiers play a significant role in our daily lives. These modifiers are used in the manufacturing of transparent or opaque films with added stiffness and barrier properties. They enable the production of downgauged films, reducing raw material consumption while extending shelf life and product freshness. Altogether, Oppera modifiers support sustainable PP film development.


  • Enhanced optics films with low haze and high gloss
  • Improved shrinkage
  • Improved machinability during challenging converting operations
  • A reduced melt viscosity and the ability to lower stretch/orientation temperatures to reduce power consumption
  • Possibility for smooth extrusion of difficult polymers with fewer films breaks interrupting operations
  • A proven track record of cleanliness and consistency

Performance benefits

  • Barrier protection: improves shelf life and product freshness
  • Twist retention: offers excellent candy wrap performance and improved deadfold characteristics
  • Sealability: lower temperature seal for faster line operating speeds, energy efficiency and less heat degradation of films
  • Shrinkage: allows tight overwrap
  • Transparency: enhanced optical properties with lower haze with high gloss

Processing benefits

  • Extrudability: enables production at lower temperatures with enhanced melt flow
  • Thin film capability: stiffer film that offers downgauging opportunities
  • Stretchability: better film orientation for easier processing, optimized throughout and reduced waste


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    Oppera™ PR 100

    Where the highest performance matters. Features include:

    • Highest 140 °C(1) Softening Point
    • Higher stiffness
    • Higher barrier
    • Lowest volatiles

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    Oppera™ PR 120

    Where both performance and cost matter:

    • High 125 °C(1) Softening POW (S.P.)
    • Lower volatiles and better barrier than competition products at similar S.P.

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Industries and applications

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    Innovative injection-molded packaging solutions with Oppera™ modifiers

    If you are looking for an injection-molded packaging solution that is chlorine-free, cleared for food contact* and offers exceptional stiffness and barrier propertiesfor longer product shelf-life, Oppera modifiers may be your answer.

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    Cost effective, enhanced peeling strength solution for surface protective films

    Oppera™ modifiers can be used as hydrocarbon resin (HCR) in the adhesive layer, bringing potential of peeling strength improvement and lower material cost.

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    Fresh thinking, fresh possibilities

    Oppera™ modifiers play an active role in the manufacturing of chlorine-free, transparent or opaque films with added stiffness and barrier properties.

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