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Elevast™ polymer modifiers  

Elevast™ polymer modifiers are specialty hydrocarbon fluids for technical applications that require a wide range of service temperatures and improved mechanical properties.

Designed to enhance the performance and processability of a broad range of polymer systems and applications, Elevast polymer modifiers enable fine-tuning of performance and introduce new options for intermaterial substitution.

Elevast polymer modifiers offer formulators the ability to extend low-temperature service ranges, along with increased permanence for long-term property retention and exceptional compatibility with polyolefins. Easily incorporated into polymers, Elevast polymer modifiers feature outstanding thermal and oxidative stability, are virtually colorless and odorless, and have low specific gravity along with food contact clearance.

Key benefits

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    Colorless, odorless fluid with exceptional high purity and low volatility

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    Improved surface appearance without sacrificing line speed

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    Improved compression and tension set performance

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    Low viscosity grades for cold temperature and high toughness; high viscosity grades for high temperature and long-term applications

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    Improved flow for reduced processing time and lower energy requirements

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    Compatible with other common additives, including stabilizers, nucleating agents, inorganic fillers, flame retardants, colorants and release agents


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    Elevast™ polymer modifiers

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Performance advantages

Glass transition temperature (Tg) reduction  

In proprietary ExxonMobil testing, Elevast demonstrates significant glass transition temperature depression. Elevast also has proved to enhance Tg-related properties, such as low-temperature performance, flexibility and toughness.
DSC by % Elevast D50 for hPP, ICP, and RCP

Lowers melt viscosity  

Because Elevast modifiers are low MW-liquids, they can decrease the viscosity of the molten polymer, or increase its melt flow rate, as shown in this ASTM D1238 test. Potential processing advantages include faster cycle/line speed and reduced energy consumption.
ASTM D1238 by % Elevast D50 by Vistmamaxx 6202, hPP, ICP, RCP, and Exact 4160.

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    A high-level summary intended to provide an overview of product safety information on this chemical substance.

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    Elevast™ polyolefin fluid fact sheet

    Elevast efficiently lowers Tg of polyolefins with carefully designed liquid polymer, with minimal change in crystalline properties and without requiring exquisite morphology control.

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