PE Innovation Week

ExxonMobil PE Innovation Week

We invite you listen to our presentations, now available on-demand. Please click into the agenda below to view any of the recorded presentations.
  • Increase crop yields and expand the growing season with performance films

    Fabiana Grossi, Market Development Lead (XOM)
    Mauricio Leano, Technical Lead (XOM)
    Shawn Lucas, Plasticulture Manager (Ampacet)

    Greenhouse films are needed to provide protection and extend the growing season for crops, to feed our growing world population. This session provides an overview of trends and opportunities in the greenhouse film market. This is followed by a discussion on UV aging in the presence of water and chemicals for different polymers used in greenhouse films and explains optimum solutions to meet customer requirements.

  • Innovation and collaboration: ExxonMobil’s View of the Polyethylene Market

    Dave Hergenrether, Vice President (XOM)

    The leader of ExxonMobil’s polyethylene business discusses industry trends, market conditions and our roadmap for innovation.

  • Creating innovative, sustainable solutions with ExxonMobil

    Reinhart Papen, Global Business Dev. Executive, Circular Polymers (XOM)

    Sustainability is at the top of mind for many in the plastics industry. Consumer preferences, regulations and brand owner requirements are driving changes in packaging design. This session will cover current and future innovative solutions to help reduce plastic waste.

  • Delivering a paradigm shift in unimodal HDPE performance with Paxon™ SP5504

    James Stern, HDPE Market Development (XOM)

    Achieving the right ESCR for your blow molded HDPE bottles and containers by reducing the melt index or density of the virgin resin usually leads to a trade-off in other properties. That is until now; this session will examine Paxon™ SP5504 which delivers a step-change in ESCR performance without compromising proccessability, top load, stiffness or impact, while offering the potential to increase PCR content.

  • Create more consistent, high performance stretch films with the latest innovations from ExxonMobil and Cloeren Inc.

    Tyler Baran, Industrial Packaging Marketing Development (XOM)
    Bart Lauwers, Customer Development Engineer (XOM)
    Olivier Catherine, Group Technical Director (Cloeren)

    Learn how to create more consistent stretch films as experts from ExxonMobil and Cloeren Inc. explain the latest innovations in PE resin and machine technology. The session will highlight how unique die and feedblock technology from Cloeren can be combined with processing improvements from Exceed™ XP 8346CB, to provide more consistent high speed wrapping with downgauging potential and a counter intuitive cling/unwind force balance.

  • Future Trends in the Flexible Packaging Industry

    Glenn Williams, Primary Packaging Development Lead (XOM)

    The pressure to develop sustainable solutions that do more with less will continue to grow over time. This presentation looks at the future trends and changing market dynamics that are driving the flexible packaging industry. Discover how value chain solutions can help play a key role in the development of innovative solutions to meet the evolving requirements of the industry.

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    Introducing the New Exceed™ XP7 PE Series: Delivering “Never Seen Before” Levels of Performance

    Michael Vinck, Global PE New Products Marketing Manager

    ExxonMobil has developed a new series of Exceed™ XP performance polyethylene (PE) grades that offer remarkable mechanical performance with a combination of low density and fractional melt index (MI) for easy processability. This session highlights their benefits and use cases for various applications such as stretch hood, low temperature shrink and primary packaging. Be one of the first to hear about what makes these new grades unique.

What some might view as solutions that will only happen in the future, ExxonMobil PE is making possible today — through our innovative and reliable products, collaborative approach, technology leadership and support, and our unmatched global supply and resources.

Why wait for tomorrow to advance your business today? Contact your ExxonMobil PE representative and begin experiencing tomorrow's performance today in flexible packaging.