Picture to be used for HDPE MDO solutions

HDPE for MDO films

HDPE for machine direction oriented (MDO) films
ExxonMobil has developed its latest innovation in high-density polyethylene; ExxonMobil™ HD7165L for Machine Direction Oriented (MDO) PE film applications. Development of HD7165L has been driven by market demand from brand owners and processors seeking all-PE packaging, which has created a need for print webs made of blown MDO-PE films. Designed for recyclability, HD7165L enables the production of mono-material laminates to replace multi-material laminate structures, which can be difficult to recycle.

The platform is well suited for mono-material laminated packaging used for nuts, crackers, condiments, granola bars, potato chips, and more.

HDPE for print web of a PE-PE laminate

Main attributes:

Heat resistance
Stiffness (lack of extensibility)
Optical properties

Blown MDO-PE:

High, uniform orientation
Gauge stability
Easy processability
Low gels

*Recyclable in communities with programs and facilities that collect and recycle plastic film.


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