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Fundamentals of plasticizers  

Plasticizers bring flexibility to PVC applications. They also attract misconceptions across the value chain. There are indeed similarities, but the truth is that plasticizers can also be fundamentally different!

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PVC's best friend  

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PVC and plasticizers: the basics  

Different plastics for different needs 

Plastics and polymers, including PVC, are essential to our quality of life. Many PVC products need to be flexible and soft to withstand physical stress without breaking. They also need to be able to take a particular shape for each and every application.

As the third largest polymer consumed, PVC enhances the quality of our daily life.

World Plastics Materials Demand 2014  

World plastics demand graphic - English

Different PVC needs for different markets 

Plasticizers transform the properties of PVC to create the attributes we need in each application. 

Most PVC applications have a life-span of 10 to 20 years and beyond. Its long life-span makes PVC the perfect material for applications like building and construction.

What is PVC?

PVC has all the attributes needed to make it a widely used polymer. It is: 
  • energy efficient: it takes less energy to produce than many alternative plastics
  • cost effective 
  • flame retardant – inherent fire safety, due to chlorine 
  • durable: applications have long life-span expectancy 
  • versatile, printable and paintable 
  • adaptable: can be processed in multiple manufacturing operations 
  • chemically resistant 
  • recyclable and recycled

Source: Milieuvriendelijk verpakken in de toekomst (Dutch: Environmentally friendly packaging in the future), Stichting Milieudefensie (Nl), 1991.  
4 in regions where recycling programs are available


Plasticizer composition graphic - English

PVC chain  

PVC chain graphic

What are plasticizers?

Most plasticizers are esters, that make PVC soft, flexible and easy to shape
Plasticizer ester composition graphic - English

Not all plasticizer manufacturing processes are the same
Plasticizer manufacturing process graphic - English

1 ExxonMobil commercializes DINP under the brand Jayflex™ 

2 DINCH is a trademark of BASF

Orthophthalates or terephthalates
Molecular weight
How does a plasticizer make PVC flexible? 

Plasticization is about developing strong forces between PVC and plasticizers.

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    Looking for a general purpose plasticizer?

    Jayflex™ plasticizers show superior performance in the key requirements for a general purpose plasticizer.

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    Which plasticizer began its regulatory journey back in the 1980s and continues to be found safe for all current applications by regulatory agencies?

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    What about "non-phthalates"?

    ExxonMobil patented DOTP (DEHT) as early as 1953. Because of its poor compatibility with PVC, the company decided not to commercialize it and shifted its focus to other, more reliable solutions.

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