Image of EM Elevexx™ LAO – surfactants

Elevexx™ linear alpha olefins for surfactants

Elevexx LAOs are designed for their quality and purity to create end products with reduced surface tension between phases and a building block for better performing surfactants in:
  • Household
  • Personal care
  • Oil and gas
  • Industrial and institutional applications

Strong collaboration leads to strong end products.

Elevexx mid-range linear alpha olefins (1200 AO, 1400 AO and 1416 AO) provide surfactant manufacturers with hydrophobic building blocks for the production of key types of surfactants for both consumer and industrial products, such as alpha olefin sulfonates (AOS), linear alkyl-benzene and linear alkyl benzene sulfonates (LAB/LAS) and amine oxides.
Elevexx heavy range linear alpha olefins (1800 AO, 2024 AO), can also be employed in the production of heavy alkylates and their sulfonates and di-sulfonates for industrial applications.
Image of EM Elevexx™ LAO – surfactants

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