fluid combusting in kiln

Combustion fluids

Exxon™ CF and Exxon™ CFX specialty combustion fluids are designed for use in portable heating appliances, replacing traditional fuels such as kerosene and heavy white spirits while providing higher levels of comfort and safety for users.

Exxon CF are dearomatized fluids that burn with significantly reduced odor levels, thanks to extremely low levels of sulfur and aromatics. Exxon CFX synthetically manufactured isoparaffinic fluids are virtually odorless, offering the highest levels of user comfort.

Applications and benefits

  • Fast ignition, smokeless burning and a stable and controllable flame
  • Good flow through the appliance and along the wick, thanks to low viscosity and surface tension
  • Low pour points for easy use in low temperatures
  • High flash points for safe use and packaging

In addition to use in heating devices, Exxon CF and Exxon CFX specialty combustion fluids are also used in lighters, liquid candles and firefighter training. They are available only in Europe.

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